Drawn a total blank

on how to write a conclusion right now. I'm all of a dither so that's not particularly helpful. Went to the printers who said they couldn't print on my paper (even though they most probably could) and that CS4 won't work for them so i have to go BACK later in the week to print all my shiz and i have loads of stuffs left to dooooooo. It's as if they know i have a deadline and just want to make it really hard for me.

On a brighter note, we made jelly with lemonade as the rowntree's advert said. It had better be good. Bombass and Parr are genii with jelly, making them into architectural delights and events like an architectural punchbowl and a scratch and sniff cinema. brilliant.

ohhh links links links. back to work i go...

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