I feel a bit sick with nerves with this whole work experience business. Procrastination seems to be key in this debacle so, as of last weekend, i have started a personal sketchbook for proper. A nice little one that has been lying in my room for about a year waiting to be filled. I now just need to remember to do a little and often. And to stop telling people my ideas so they steal them. And to stop being a doormat.

What would Rod Stewart do...?



Old Friends


"Rose & Meta Rothery , farm managers near Cowra. Rose (on right) paints finely detailed imagery upon river rocks . Amongst my collection Cathy Freeman is my favourite. A portrait of Elvis Presley won a commendable mention at the Carcoar Show."

Karl Schwerdtfeger photo and description from his website: www.karlphotographer.com/



from a while ago...february or so. The pictures i tok on a disposable were really underexposed but i kind of like that. There was a no photography sign, so it probably just serves me right.

Mulling over

the most depressing tutorial yesterday where i nodded and agreed to being told i'm not really a very good designer...on a design course.

Bit spooky though, reading neil's horoscope as it sort of covers this. Whatever happened to a plain old 'happy birthday'?

sad dogs from http://www.gemmacorrell.com/


Gemma Correll

makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

and her diary's are INCREDIBLE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gemmacorrell/4009450113/in/set-72157622179415234/

Michel Gondry

love love love love. I watched Science of Sleep today for the first time in agessss and really want to start making something/anything. He is a genius. For something completely different though...


Bit of a fail

but i tried! And made whole £3. Although with the sickening deadline the day before, I was happy that i generated anything for the London Zine Symposium (Sat 29th)

With my penchant for bad taste, i made a mini collection of... bad taste things. they were all unintentionally animal related (a carmen miranda duck, dog costumes, glass bird ornaments) just done in continuous line. Here are some pictures that i lifted from the Nest facebook group, complete with some unimpressed looks. Maybe £1.50 was too steep? [mine's the 'good taste bad taste one in the bottom left]



some ones from a trip to the huntarian with dulcie in february and reena's birthday when i used DirtyDiana. there was one of my dad eating cake really exaggerating- like but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared... It was using 200 film, but i got some 400 colour a while back which needs loading. Ill whip that puppy in and take some nice sun pictures tomorrow i think.


I have a flickr which i don't actually use since most of my pictures are pretty bad but after not having gone on for a while i think there are some quite nice ones from hackney city farm when the disposable was at the end of it's tether and made some rather lovely marks on the film.

The top one was from the end of a horrible day, pouring with rain all day where our group traipsed around east london moaning. The one under that was from just before the friday crit at cafe otto in dalston and i love how saturated it looks in comparison.


not really sure how i came about it, but i ended up on sennep's flickr and found this sneaky picture of me and sarah?! It was at the beginning of the year when Sennep, among many others, came to talk about their work and set us an interactive brief for the afternoon. I look like a fool and a potential puppet. i forgot about that jumper...

It did also remind me how beautiful their work is: