I wish i was her friend.

I discovered Donna Wilson on my first year of a level and her makings literally made my life and influenced so much of my work, explicitly at first and now subtly inching its way in. I found her when i was doing a project entitled freedom and armed with a matchbox of buttons i could make anything. i decided upon these fabric creatures that were my favourite things for a while, until they were dubbed 'silly little creatures' by a teacher and i got a bit put off. They probably are a bit, but now i don't see that as such a bad thing.

I feel it's mainly the core idea of making and crafting that has developed in my practice for the past 5 or so years. With her work i found that whimsy and charm that imperfections have and embracing that rather than forcing my hand to do something that generic and perfect.


Unrelated but my friend Dulcie told me about the Dum Dum Girls and i've pretty much been listening to them on repeat.

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