I saw Submarine

yesterday. It was real nice.


Penguin Great Ideas

i've got my eye on a few from the collection.
plus the covers are shit hot

"The Science of Memory'

Outcome 2 is a physical manifestation of my findings on space and place,
I wanted to explore how interaction transforms a space into a place.
The bare wall is an impersonal space that is transformed into place when
viewers physically interact and place the objects on the wall.
Interactive element is important as I want people to impose there own
idea of how the objects should be arranged and how the space should look.


of sorts. for a bit at least. I can just lie in bed!
and watch my so called life! and not feel guilty!
can you sense the excitement?

These are pictures of my FMP outcome 1; a book split into 2 that deal with space (abstraction, confusion) and place (specific areas on the page- columns, margins) respectively.

Lucifer Rising


And so the world didn't end

and my dad got to enjoy his birthday in esteemed company of beardy man, my gift to him. I've been etching manically (for 10.whole.hours on tuesday. phew) to generate objects for my outcome 2 wall space.



spotify won't let me listen to share the joy on repeat now.
so i've given up and made a mammoth youtube playlist instead.



“… It is a little, shy wine like a gazelle.”
“Like a leprechaun.”
“Dappled, in a tapestry meadow.”
“Like a flute by still water.”
“… And this is a wise old wine.”
“A prophet in a cave.”
“… And this is a necklace of pearls on a white neck.”
“Like a swan.”
“Like the last unicorn.”


The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater

Meatyard's photos remind me so much of 'haunted air'
(which is still sadly sitting in my wishlist).
Loads more beauties here


Human Memory

This actually does relate to my work.
And i'm almost certain i cut an illustration like this
out from a magazine when i was in primary school.

Now to find it.


El Lissitzky


i . am . svpply . obsessed.

this past week or so, which is
REALLY not the best time for it.
my god it's fantastic though.


Today's Findings

+ a set of 3 cheap as chips pine/woody frames for a whole £4. Lovely.