Supermarket Sweep

I have a really intense nostalgia for supermarkets, which I blame on an unhealthy diet of itv 
programmes as a child.  Of fictional supermarkets of course, I can't stomach shopping of any 
kind, let alone one that so readily and acceptably lends itself to trolly rage. 

But for the packaging, the colours, the beautiful displays... 

I could regale hours of fun I had in my plastic kitchen with plastic food. 
But I won't. So here are some nice pictures instead. 

Dale's Supermarket Sweep (oh, soon will be the day I build a project around that beauty) and the Channel 4 advert, that wondrous end scene in Fantastic Mr Fox, incredibly elaborate supermarket displays of offers and promises of 'instant goodness' and FINALLY, finally I got my hands on Fuel's Own Label book which catalogues the output of their design studio from the early 1960's to late 1970's. It's like a much more calming and enjoyable dip into a fascinating catalogue than, say, a trip to the Museum of Brands. Oh that was stressful.

I have grand plans of developing and creating a range of medicine for my final project - to continue with my fascination of with Medical Quackery. Just to have something i'm really proud to put my name to. Getting that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach when i think of how much i want to do, and how little time i have to do it. All i can think of is:


But then I listen to this, and it doesn't feel so bad....


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