Les demoiselles de rochefort

This is so lush; the colours, the symmetry, the similarities and the slight changes...
I took too many screengrabs, but oh my how nice it would be to wear pastels and big hats 
and sing in french. I tried myself but it sounds a bit politically incorrect?
 Probably because i can't actually speak french. 

Ah well, Pish Posh.


Amulets and Talismans

Grand total of 26 drawings I think and by golly they took a long time; was up until 4 yesterday editing them (the fact that i didn't start until 10 is a moot point) and a few hours today finishing the rest. Now to decided on a layout and get them printed and bound! ooooofff. These are a couple of my favourites. I think i'm getting a bit complacent in how I draw...but it's quite nice to see i'm improving.


In Praise of Introverts

Just as I tell myself I can't buy any more books, I read this wonderful article. 
Can't help thinking it would be good to whip out some sassy quotes if the situation required it...