Possibly the most satisfying thing i've ever seen. 
I want to work theeeeere, with that music playing and everything


Pick & Mix

Early this month I took part in a group show, as part of the Just Us Collective, at Beach London. 
I created two text pieces, both hand-rendered, one on a jar and the other on the gallery wall. 
The idea of painting onto the shop's window was replaced with me painting my text piece directly 
onto the downstairs gallery wall by the stairs - see second image - on wednesday before the show was 
to open on Thursday the 2nd. Annoyingly my brain was addled with hysteria and exhaustion late on 
wednesday and I didn't think to take a close up image...

hopefully there's one floating around somewhere that I can thief. 

An all round lovely few days with some lovely people! Click through for more images.


My Soundtrack

to hand-rendering these past couple of days. As i've said before (probably when etching?) there's nothing like doing 
something so painstaking intricate it feels like you could go blind with the concentration. Photos up soon i should imagine.

MOTIVATIONAL MUSIC! Of a schizophrenic apparently...what's going on in my head?