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A bit late, but I spent a fair few painful weeks (or the majority of late July and August...bloody coding) designing the blog for the museums youth forum . The section dedicated to CreateVoice and various other young peoples programmes on the website is incredibly difficult to navigate, with everything kind of thrown in one place leaving the viewer to decipher what they can. It's been mentioned by numerous people who turn up to meetings that they had no idea what the forum is about and what we do, so I wanted to communicate this as clearly and simply as possible. 

I wanted it to be clean, simple but with an eclectic touch so I used the logo I had designed previously as a starting point from which I built around the colour pallet and idea of using stand alone buttons or icons to navigate to specific areas of the site. As with blogger templates anyway, a click of the above logo sends you back to home where you can view posts written by members of the forum. I'm super pleased with how it's turned out! 

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