Visual Identity for Creativity in the City - Flyer

Flyer for the CreateVoice event this Friday the 2nd at the V&A that I recently designed. 
Images of the programme cover I designed to be printed on the risograph will be up soon! 

Core to the event is interactivity, through the workshops on offer across the museum. 
The playful element of the building bricks also links to the central theme of 'Creativity in the City', 
with the idea that you could create and adapt your own 'city' through the use of these simple, striking building elements. 

I'm part of the workshop collaborating with Jimmy Turrell and Kate Gibb as well as the structural workshop 
with David Ajasa-Adekunle building element (which probably subconsciously influenced this design). 
Come down this friday if you're free! It's sure to be a good'un


Brutalist Buildings

Some images I have made in preparation for a workshop that I, along with a 
few others from CreateVoice, are doing in collaboration with Jimmy Turrel and 
Kate Gibb from Great Western Studios for the next event on Friday 2nd November 

I think I did about 10 in total but these are my favourites. 

Looking forward to doing some screenprinting again! 


Troubling Technicolour

Just editing some images of my Tomorrow's World book I made last 
year, which prompted these weird happy accidents. How strange. 

They're a bit fashionable...still, I quite like them despite this. 

The original just seems a bit dull now


'In doing nothing, the student has time to think and has time for intrigue'

Holy shit.

The woven Kente silk uppers for me please. 

Beautifully made film, nice music. 

Those white wedge ones are a treat too.


Camberwell Blog

I was asked last week if I would fill in a alumni profile for the Camberwell blog
 discussing my work with the V&A and CreateVoice as well as what I've been 
up to since graduating this past July (my disposable camera full of graduation 
photos has finally been sent off for processing so no doubt there'll be some
 gurning treats lurking in there).

To point and laugh at my big stupid face (photo credit to Big D) and to read 
gorgeous song and pretend it's not so cold that your joints are going all jippy. 
(I've discovered a version by Quincey Jones and Akon which is HORRIBLE. 
A travesty. Don't even think about listening to that one. The Brothers Johnson 
one's a treat though so you can listen to that.) 

You're Welcome;