V&A Create! Fashion Festival

I've started an internship last week! Fun beard things which would be irresponsible for me to divulge until the appropriate time. Odd that, considering a couple of weeks ago I mentioned out loud that I wanted to do a series/continuation of my 
beardy man, albeit stylistically as I can't really do etching as easily anymore. And this pretty much is. Labour intensive though, and done entirely on Illustrator rather than handmade but I can't wait to see what it looks like finished. 

Last night I also tidied up a graphic I designed for the upcoming fashion festival at the V&A which is happening on the 
8th of December. The brief, giving to me by the lovely Jazmine, was to make a teaser flyer along with another giving a breakdown of highlights of the confirmed programme to be sent out to interested parties. Really happy with how these came out (pastels pastels pastels) and make sure to come down if you're free! 

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