I started a hand weaving course last month and after years, finally figured out how to get photos out of my ancient phone! 

Week 1 focused on the basic techniques, how to set up a hand loom (with clips and clamps) and getting to grips with the warp and weft - I think I only got about 4 tiny rows of weft done (in green at the bottom). Week 2 was continuing with building up the weft and learning how to tie off  once the yarn has come to the end or if you wanted to add a new colour  - 
I continued with the green and then switched to the pink. We then learned how to do triangles!

Here's a photo I took last week of my weaving sample, at the end of the session on Week 3. Learning how to do circles this time! I focused mainly on filling up the pink background and started to build around the base of the circle, so everything from the around the base of the triangle and up was done then. 

(this one's from my phone so it's a bit grainy)

And these ones are better quality that I took yesterday, after my class on Week 4; Filling in the circle and the adding the shaping around it. I stopped with the pink half way up and am thinking of starting with a bright orange to continue up. Circles are HARD, but this could mainly be because I wasn't paying attention to the number of passes I was doing as I was so content with the process and the technique and having such a nice time that I was just filling up the outline. I also think I started pulling too tightly as the width is starting to narrow and there's gaps around the circle edge - probably a mix of pulling the yarn too tightly and from the uneven number of passes. The pink on the right hand side also started sloping upwards. Weird. I think I just need to focus on technique more and take my time to do it properly than trying too hard 
to fill up a certain amount. It's so so nice to do! 

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