Weaving III

Week 8 - Focusing on eccentric weaving, now knowing I needed to continue all the way along and not tie off, I began to build up a more fluid section in pink. I was going to use orange for hatching into this from the right, but it looked too similar to the pink and I wanted something with more of a contrast so switched to a purple/grey instead.

I kept the orange in though as I like how this sample is a work in progress and I can see my development each week, as well as mistakes and working things out like whether certain colours work well together. It feels more authentic! Rather than me erasing these hiccups, I can see i tried it and it may not have worked so I then tried something else.

I then introduced the orange back in, a nice echo from the segment before which contrasts nicely with the purple-y 
grey and, being the lighter colour, lifts it and stops the top section from looking too dull.

Week 9 - Yesterday I continued up the eccentric weaving, initially building up the orange on the left side to level the section up to a straight line again. It didn't look very fluid and cut off the curved, eccentric lines which i wanted to play around with more so I ended up taking this out and adding pink in a block section to emphasise the curve rather than 
close it up (below is the sample before I removed the orange block).

I then added some more eccentric hatching, a bit more consistently leaking into the turquoise yarn - a freeform version on the green & blue circle I had done in the section below - this time using the same grey I used in the large circle. The contrast with the turquoise makes it look much darker than it does against the lighter pink below which I really like; I had to undo this after I'd done a few passes as I had messed up somewhere and doubled up doing the same direction which meant the warp was showing (I still don't know the technical terms so no doubt this sounds a bit confused! But instead of going front-back-front-back and then the opposite on the row above, I'd done both passes the same so there was a stretch of white warp showing). I'd avoided this throughout and didn't want to end with it looking rushed and badly done, so although it lost me about 40 minutes, it was worth it to achieve a level of consistency that I am happy with.

I then finished off with some straight passes to even it out again towards the end and began tying off the sample with a series of double knots on each warp. Almost finished! Even though I've been doing this for a good few weeks now I still underestimate how long everything will take - the knots so far took a good 15 minutes before the end of the lesson.

I bought some frames and wanted to set these up in the session but of course had no time; I glued and hammered one together earlier and will take this in next week to set up a sampler that I can continue at home. I want to learn how to do some textures, and since this is a much smaller frame - 35cmx35cm - I can generate some samples a bit quicker. 

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