Grayson Perry: The rise and fall of Default Man

A beautiful read and so eloquently written, I cannot recommend it enough; I copied and pasted my favourite bits 
and it ended up being almost the whole thing. But these bit in particular are wonderful:

"Lone Default Man will never admit to, or be fully aware of, the tribal advantages of his identity. They are, naturally, full subscribers to that glorious capitalist project, they are individuals

This adherence to being individuals is the nub of the matter. Being “individual” means that if they achieve something good, it is down to their own efforts. They got the job because they are brilliant, not because they are a Default Man, and they are also presumed more competent by other Default Men. If they do something bad it is also down to the individual and not to do with their gender, race or class. If a Default Man commits a crime it is not because fraud or sexual harassment, say, are endemic in his tribe (coughs), it is because he is a wrong ’un. If a Default Man gets emotional it is because he is a “passionate” individual, whereas if he were a woman it would often be blamed on her sex."


"Men, especially Default Men, have put forward their biased, highly emotional views as somehow “rational”, more considered, more “calm down, dear”. Women and “exotic” minorities are framed as “passionate” or “emotional” as if they, the Default Men, had this unique ability to somehow look round the side of that most interior lens, the lens that is always distorted by our feelings. Default Man somehow had a dispassionate, empirical, objective vision of the world as a birthright, and everyone else was at the mercy of turbulent, uncontrolled feelings. That, of course, explained why the “others” often held views that were at such odds with their supposedly cool, analytic vision of the world."

Also, don't read the comments, it'll never surprise me how quickly those in positions of power (the 'Default man') will be to cry out their injustice at - for once- being called out for their position of privilege.


Talking While Female

"I don't think that I should have to change my voice. 
I would like to think that people are capable of listening to the content of what I am saying."


The Evolution of Peggy Olsen

Peggy's my fave. 

Also depressing to see the equal pay act still not being enforced after, oh, 50 odd years.