I bought some nice ink, nibs and pen holders, timing it just right so a parcel would arrive present-like for me in the wake of having my wisdom teeth out. Even then it took me 2 weeks to finally use them and they worked beautifully. I felt a real difference between these and the scratchy small nibs i bought for drawing when I was on my foundation, though these ones did start to bleed on the paper in the book (most noticeable on the big numbers at the bottom of the page).

I started off using my drawing nibs on sheets of paper, but thought it would be better to use a small A5 sketch book instead, doing a double page spread (at least) every time - some warm up exercises and then alphabets in various typefaces. I bought copperplate nibs and a holder too so that'll be fun to do. Here they are, looking a bit wonky, but it's a start.

I've been quite slack with it, but i'm finding it a lot less practical to find the space and the time to practice a little every day. Although I do have to say, it's a lot more practical than sign writing (the paint, and the brushes, the paper, an easel...)

I always find it's much easier to sit with my weaving frame and that's just such a nice thing to do, especially since I feel I'm getting better. with practice. so i need to practice calligraphy. Maybe alternating each day would be worth a try.

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