The Gentlewoman

hopefully get my greedy mitts on this pup tomorrow. yes siree


makes me want to sit in a field


McQ + Cliff

One of the day workshops from last term, it was communication and persuasion with Kate Rogers and we had to change the message of an advertisement of some kind. I chose a fashion one for the McQ label (youth.rebellion.outsider.individuality.rockabilly) has a painful price range that is more accessible for (awful) bankers and city boys than the misfit in 'the streets'...unless they're a fashion student. With this in mind i altered the strength of the logo (smaller so it's more boutique-y)and the image- going along with the rockabilly thing but more wrong. McQ boy looks like a young elvis so who better than young cliff?


i feel nauseous

The confusion that accompanies Mercury's retrograde cycle influences everybody. However, the fact that it's your ruling planet means the odds are good you'll be wresting with self doubts. Unwelcome as this seems, what you learn could enable you to free yourself from anxieties you thought you'd just have to live with."

what does this even meeean? Not my week. I'm ill and i can't even enjoy christmas things. Woody knows...


wouldn't say no to

a pair of creepers either. i've been quietly pining over them for AGES now, trying to decide what the best option would be: plain black or white, good and wearable and im particularly liking the leopard toe swatch, but i just really want them in suede. i swear i found some grey suede ones a while back but i can't find them so maybe i made that up, understandable because that would be amazing. i can't help but like the last ones as well, im well up for a bit of beaut bad taste. yes siree. £75 is a bit painful to think about though...

this is a bit weird, i'm not usually one to write about how much i want to buy stuff because im not really into that. maybe it's just that i've been tallying all these really nice things up and they've come to a head now.


i would like a

Makr farm rucksack or a canvas fold weekender

Pushpin Off Sweets

courtesy of Container List http://containerlist.glaserarchives.org/index.php?id=78#body

Lotty Lindeman

gorgeous mixture of traveling suitcase and storage



Horrible horrible horrible day. I don't think i've ever been made to feel so inadequate so i'd like to run away to here.