This needs to be my life right now...

I wish i looked this composed and elegant when working.
Instead i'm consciously avoiding it or tearing my hair out and snapping when i do.


Decorative Jargon

I really enjoy doing labour intensive work, that almost makes me feel
like i'm going to go blind i have to concentrate so much.

The above work is part of my self-directed work on medical quackery and spin.
although what i've done so far seems to be what other people have told me to
do and, by going through the motions, i've lost a sense of WHY i wanted to do it.

By highlighting elements of serious side effects which are tucked away in the
DECORATIVE JARGON of small print in medical leaflets that are designed to be
as offputting to read as possible thus disguising potential hazards of painkillers
like nurofen which can result in heart attack or stroke // infertility in women.

Suffice to say after looking at it properly, the top type size on each is too
small to be properly legible (or communicate what it's supposed to...effectively
the point of my degree....) and the bottom of the first can only be [sort of] read
if small or far away. and that the fact that the one legible one is off centre.

Hopefully i'll be putting more work up here soon!

here's hoping though.

I seem to be trying my damndest to fail this year.
And by that i mean this dissertation is trying to kill me.


Absolute Perfect Cure for the Winter Blues

one of the best songs ever ever ever. need to learn this dance sharpish.