Book Covers

Some ideas for a projects that didn't go ahead (pastels pastels pastels). There were tons more colourways, I think almost 40 in total but I do like these the most. I've also been  thinking about the best way of organising my inspiration files and wondering whether getting a load printed in as a hardback book/s I can constantly use for reference would be a good idea.


V&A Create! Fashion Festival

I've started an internship last week! Fun beard things which would be irresponsible for me to divulge until the appropriate time. Odd that, considering a couple of weeks ago I mentioned out loud that I wanted to do a series/continuation of my 
beardy man, albeit stylistically as I can't really do etching as easily anymore. And this pretty much is. Labour intensive though, and done entirely on Illustrator rather than handmade but I can't wait to see what it looks like finished. 

Last night I also tidied up a graphic I designed for the upcoming fashion festival at the V&A which is happening on the 
8th of December. The brief, giving to me by the lovely Jazmine, was to make a teaser flyer along with another giving a breakdown of highlights of the confirmed programme to be sent out to interested parties. Really happy with how these came out (pastels pastels pastels) and make sure to come down if you're free! 


Visual Identity for Creativity in the City - Flyer

Flyer for the CreateVoice event this Friday the 2nd at the V&A that I recently designed. 
Images of the programme cover I designed to be printed on the risograph will be up soon! 

Core to the event is interactivity, through the workshops on offer across the museum. 
The playful element of the building bricks also links to the central theme of 'Creativity in the City', 
with the idea that you could create and adapt your own 'city' through the use of these simple, striking building elements. 

I'm part of the workshop collaborating with Jimmy Turrell and Kate Gibb as well as the structural workshop 
with David Ajasa-Adekunle building element (which probably subconsciously influenced this design). 
Come down this friday if you're free! It's sure to be a good'un


Brutalist Buildings

Some images I have made in preparation for a workshop that I, along with a 
few others from CreateVoice, are doing in collaboration with Jimmy Turrel and 
Kate Gibb from Great Western Studios for the next event on Friday 2nd November 

I think I did about 10 in total but these are my favourites. 

Looking forward to doing some screenprinting again! 


Troubling Technicolour

Just editing some images of my Tomorrow's World book I made last 
year, which prompted these weird happy accidents. How strange. 

They're a bit fashionable...still, I quite like them despite this. 

The original just seems a bit dull now


'In doing nothing, the student has time to think and has time for intrigue'

Holy shit.

The woven Kente silk uppers for me please. 

Beautifully made film, nice music. 

Those white wedge ones are a treat too.


Camberwell Blog

I was asked last week if I would fill in a alumni profile for the Camberwell blog
 discussing my work with the V&A and CreateVoice as well as what I've been 
up to since graduating this past July (my disposable camera full of graduation 
photos has finally been sent off for processing so no doubt there'll be some
 gurning treats lurking in there).

To point and laugh at my big stupid face (photo credit to Big D) and to read 
gorgeous song and pretend it's not so cold that your joints are going all jippy. 
(I've discovered a version by Quincey Jones and Akon which is HORRIBLE. 
A travesty. Don't even think about listening to that one. The Brothers Johnson 
one's a treat though so you can listen to that.) 

You're Welcome;


V&A CreateVoice Blog

A bit late, but I spent a fair few painful weeks (or the majority of late July and August...bloody coding) designing the blog for the museums youth forum . The section dedicated to CreateVoice and various other young peoples programmes on the website is incredibly difficult to navigate, with everything kind of thrown in one place leaving the viewer to decipher what they can. It's been mentioned by numerous people who turn up to meetings that they had no idea what the forum is about and what we do, so I wanted to communicate this as clearly and simply as possible. 

I wanted it to be clean, simple but with an eclectic touch so I used the logo I had designed previously as a starting point from which I built around the colour pallet and idea of using stand alone buttons or icons to navigate to specific areas of the site. As with blogger templates anyway, a click of the above logo sends you back to home where you can view posts written by members of the forum. I'm super pleased with how it's turned out! 


Thought of the Day

Inadvertently stumbled across this post from what looks to be a promising new online publication called Lydia (their Tumblr's pretty good too) which has provided much food for thought. It also makes me think that I need to be more like Judy while i'm at it.



Possibly the most satisfying thing i've ever seen. 
I want to work theeeeere, with that music playing and everything


Pick & Mix

Early this month I took part in a group show, as part of the Just Us Collective, at Beach London. 
I created two text pieces, both hand-rendered, one on a jar and the other on the gallery wall. 
The idea of painting onto the shop's window was replaced with me painting my text piece directly 
onto the downstairs gallery wall by the stairs - see second image - on wednesday before the show was 
to open on Thursday the 2nd. Annoyingly my brain was addled with hysteria and exhaustion late on 
wednesday and I didn't think to take a close up image...

hopefully there's one floating around somewhere that I can thief. 

An all round lovely few days with some lovely people! Click through for more images.


My Soundtrack

to hand-rendering these past couple of days. As i've said before (probably when etching?) there's nothing like doing 
something so painstaking intricate it feels like you could go blind with the concentration. Photos up soon i should imagine.

MOTIVATIONAL MUSIC! Of a schizophrenic apparently...what's going on in my head?



Current Inspiration

from bibigreycat.blogspot.co.uk and Kitschy Living



updated my cargo collective website with recent work! 



CreateLate...Graphics Tumblr

To be updated after the event on the 6th as a database where 
participating members of the public can see the finished work 
they helped to create. It will also act as an archive of the event with 
video footage and photography documenting the process of setting 
up and the event itself. 



In lieu of an external show, I collaborated with V&A CreateVoice staff over a space of 6 months to set up a 3 hour long event displaying work by 3rd Year Camberwell Graphic Design students around the first floor galleries of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Inspired by one object in the collection, students were to create a piece of communication borne out of their research with which members of the public can freely interact with. The event will be archived at http://createlategraphics.tumblr.com/ where final work developed in collaboration with members of the public will be available for viewing. 

Interactivity is core to the event so we wanted to translate this idea into the flyer handouts; Invites were digitally printed, hand stamped twice, hand painted and turned into a scratch card and finally stamped with a building to visually communicate the event was 'For 1 Night Only [at the V&A...], before the viewer scratches away the panel to expose details of the event. These were then adapted to a digital format gif invite in order to email prospective employers and contacts (above). Badges to identify ourself also tie into this concept and colour scheme, creating a strong visual link between printed matter and digital media developed for this project. Labels identifying students to their chosen objects and a map of the event with student details on the underside were produced keeping with the V&A's style. 

My role included developing the concept for the event, collating information provided by 30+ students on a regular basis, acting as a go between between students and museum staff, organising, curating, design and promotion and taking part in and creating work for the event in collaboration with Jess Barton. Concept and Design developed in collaboration with Yasmin Lennon Chong


I've spent the last 6 months organising a one night only event at the Victoria and Albert Museum that will take place next month - a collaboration between BA Graphic Design  third year students at Camberwell College of Arts and the museums' youth collective CreateVoice, with whom i've been working for the past couple of years. 

Here are some teaser photos (courtesy of Tracey Waller, posted on the BA Graphics Camberwell facebook page) of starting the process of hand-printing over 2000 flyers. 

The design of the CreateLate...Graphics event has been 
a collaboration between myself and Yasmin Lennon Chong


New Work

New work will be posted onto my cargocollective website 
as well a new website in the not too distant future

But lot's of exciting things are happening, all which will be revealed soon!


Logical Wrong Connections

Been listening to this. It's really good: 



Queen Atom


Placebo Effectz

Good science. 

"a plain pills works worse than a branded one, 
a discounted pill works worse than a pricey one,
and even a pill in a plain box does worse than one that's all shiny and shit"



One of a number of projects I have up my sleeve. 
And one of the few physically completed. 
The pictures a bit weird though?


(another) best. thing. ever



Les demoiselles de rochefort

This is so lush; the colours, the symmetry, the similarities and the slight changes...
I took too many screengrabs, but oh my how nice it would be to wear pastels and big hats 
and sing in french. I tried myself but it sounds a bit politically incorrect?
 Probably because i can't actually speak french. 

Ah well, Pish Posh.