Supermarket Sweep

I have a really intense nostalgia for supermarkets, which I blame on an unhealthy diet of itv 
programmes as a child.  Of fictional supermarkets of course, I can't stomach shopping of any 
kind, let alone one that so readily and acceptably lends itself to trolly rage. 

But for the packaging, the colours, the beautiful displays... 

I could regale hours of fun I had in my plastic kitchen with plastic food. 
But I won't. So here are some nice pictures instead. 

Dale's Supermarket Sweep (oh, soon will be the day I build a project around that beauty) and the Channel 4 advert, that wondrous end scene in Fantastic Mr Fox, incredibly elaborate supermarket displays of offers and promises of 'instant goodness' and FINALLY, finally I got my hands on Fuel's Own Label book which catalogues the output of their design studio from the early 1960's to late 1970's. It's like a much more calming and enjoyable dip into a fascinating catalogue than, say, a trip to the Museum of Brands. Oh that was stressful.

I have grand plans of developing and creating a range of medicine for my final project - to continue with my fascination of with Medical Quackery. Just to have something i'm really proud to put my name to. Getting that horrible sinking feeling in my stomach when i think of how much i want to do, and how little time i have to do it. All i can think of is:


But then I listen to this, and it doesn't feel so bad....



Mad Men

This is stupid but really made me laugh.
Roll on the 27th...as if i really need another distraction though.


Just Us Collective

The new website for the Just Us Collective 'class of 2012' has just launched and I am a
proud member! Very Exciting! There's lot's of lovely work by lot's of talented people.

My profile can be seen upon clicking the image on the top
right of the thumbnails on the collective page or directly here


Pitt Rivers Oxford

The most beautiful place ever, as if the Wellcome Collection and Huntarian had a baby... sans pickled goodies but plenty of gloomy lighting and cases full of treats. I went a bit snap happy, due to there being 2 full cases of amulets//talismans//superstitious medicine bits (perfect for my project) and for once, the photos I took came out quite nice.

Design Inspiration

For this project, and just generally.

Beautiful information design on the solar system (from bibliodyssey) and some tasty book coversand layout ideas - I NEED to track that 'Wonder Atlas' down! What a lovely thing.

Currently making a (much too ambitious) to do list, to make up for the slack these past couple of weeks. Cue all good things; lots of research, lots of staring at indesign and lots of pencil drawings.




I received Female Trouble for christmas (from my dad no less, although i don't think he knew
what it was) and kept myself from watching it until my dissertation was handed in so i could
savour every disgusting minute of it. No one wanted to watch it with me. Bobbie even moved to
Morocco avoid watching it...temporarily, but you know.

I keep humming this AMAZING song from the opening credits now

New work will be posted soon, as well as some exciting developments later this week!

But I can't help thinking that I wish i'd had the foresight to do my fmp around Divine. Imagine that.