Geezer Romeo and Juliet

The first brief set for Design followed on from the summer project, in which we were allocated a character (mine was the 'Geezer') to research and then make a 24 page guide on.

We had to advertise Romeo and Juliet to this character/target audience. Inspired by a line drawing i did of two knuckles covered in various sovereign rings in my research, i settled on using the same bold & simple drawing depicting various themes evident in the play; love, brotherhood, fate, conflict and drew hand positions to convey these.

Deciding that conflict was the more effective visually i settled on using fists portraying violence. I played around with fonts and layering and was plesantly surprised by the physical layering effect of using cartridge paper, two sheets of accetate and coloured paper to show the high/low lights.

i eventually settled on black and white for the final as i thought they were more striking, redoing the 'CAPULET' fist so it was b&w like the 'MONTAGUE' one. the visual language seemed more punchy then. personally, i like how lo-tech and hand made they are as physically doing things myself is how i like it best, although i understand they're not to studio quality which is what we're supposed to aim for. But first project, eh! i like it.

photo quality is shocking, i am aware. i can always update later...

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