Obscure Shoreditch

first post of work for a while. this is for a identity project for one of the stations on the soon to be opened east london line. my concept was based around the obscure stories throughout history on my chosen station, shoreditch; the 207 year old man, links between shoreditch church, shakespeare and the nursery rhyme 'oranges and lemons' and the fake/black market trade (focusing on watches). i like the photo but im a bit sick of this project to be honest. 5 weeks is a long time. hopefully a couple of days of not looking at it while allow me to look at it with fresh eyes allowing me to do something halfway decent with it.

i need to snap out of this yo. over and out.


Bande a Part

I like how loudly they clap.

The Sky Always Looks So Nice From My Window



spotify. out of the blue, and it feels magnificent. as if i needed another distraction. no complaints though!


Like a mother a few days before childbirth (one would imagine). I'm feeling a bit disheartened and wondering if this is the right thing. Plough on through i guess.

(my snaggle tooth is SO annoying. i can feel it in my sleep and slowly slowly im getting a bit obsessed by it. maybe its a hint to my conscious that i should do some fucking work.)

Brum Brum

Our neighbour had a visitor with a Fiat 500 and, feeling like a bit of a creepo, i took a picture of it. If i could muster up the energy to learn to drive/had a spare £6000 + lying around i would snap one up in a heartbeat.

It reminds me of a green car i had for my polly pocket when i was tiny. That's what i'm talking about.