As i said in one of my older posts, i started a personal sketchbook for proper about a month or so ago. I was pretty avid for the first week doing a double page drawing every day but they were a bit uneconomical time-wise mainly because i spent a long time thinking what to draw. But i felt i really needed to draw and it was nice practice in committing to something and actually doing it.

I did some drawings at the huntarian last wednesday before meeting a friend (avec the decapitated foot) and have since started a project drawing people i like and a quote they said. I'm aware they're all men for now, but i have some lady treats up my sleeve. Just you wait.

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  1. i adore these drawings and your writing style, you are very talented indeed! you've inspired me to get my act together and start my own little sketchbook. even if my drawings are rather rubbish, at least i'm still being creative.

    love, jazmine. xxx