One of my favourite ever photos

and i can't remember where it's from or who did it.
i think i pulled it off someone's tumblr?

I do know that this one of a boy reading Captain America
is by Hugh Morton for Life Magazine (1942)


Lucy, I Love You

Reminded me of this, which has been sitting on my desktop
for about a year now. Absolutely genius for when it rains...
must try and get my hand on a pair...


making cat noises...

...over these beauties.


Ronit Baranga and Yvonne Lee Schultz

Absolutely delightful. THIS is more like it.


Don't be Dirteh

"it has been well stated that very few
blind people join the nudist colony"

just brilliant.


In a Nutshell

It's starting to make sense now.


Garry Winogrand



Barbara Kruger's Type Room

the installation "wraps the floor and walls with printed texts that speaks directly and loudly to the spectator in a chorus of voices".
Bit too aggressive for what i'm doing with lots of red, white and black; super super masculine and remind me a bit of the revolution project i did. I like the assault on the senses though but have an issue with scale considering i'll only have a teeny tiny space hmmmmmm.




Spring Cleaning

I didn't like how the blog looked anymore, so I changed it.

Visual Editions

For the 2 outcomes for my fmp was thinking of doing one written piece to collate together all this theory i've been reading, and a physical piece to visualise what i have researched. To go with the themes of space, perception and non-place the written piece needs to be sympathetically designed with the contents.

For this i've been looking at the most immediate designers/ publishers who have used pushed book design away from the expected formats we have grown accustom to. print CLEARLY isn't dead, but it has to do something out of the ordinary to catch your attention.

These are from a range of Visual Editions' books (tristram shandy and tree of codes; extremely loud and incredibly close was also on their website as a lovely example of visual writing). V.E and I.B, i heart you.


Irma Boom

Books designed away from the expected. Irma Boom makes tiny models of all her books which provided the inspiration for this one. A 704 page tiny book of tiny books with red printed edges and 450 full colour illustrations. Loverleh.



Rachel Whiteread-"mummifying the air in the room"

making positive from negative space, lived in domestic environments (the void of a Victorian house), undeveloped perspectives (looking to fine art- Vermeer); need to physically work out and piece components together; the room for 'ghost' (first image below) had to have a door, window and fireplace; casting a space for sculptures to fit in- the room was built up using plaster and hessian that is further reinforced with a metal skeleton inside.

Mike Nelson

Artists, like conspiracy theorists, need to make connections, however implausible. They need to deal with mental space as well as physical objects, history as well as the present."

Triple Bluff Canyon and Coral Reef- both parallel worlds, the uncomfortable feeling of isolation, as if whoever abandoned this specific space is about to come back and catch you off guard. The contrast between the space; vast emptiness and the seedy claustrophobia.



saw this last week in the new National Geographic, photographed by Chris Gray; Kolmanskop is an abandoned diamond mining community in Namibia, where the houses have become invaded by the surrounding sand.

it wasn't supposed to go like this

I haven't really been using this this much seeing as how all my fmp research is so very serious ('the history of theories of space in physics' anyone?). i'm not very sure how i ended up doing this really. it's not very me and what i had in mind a month ago isn't this at all. it's all going a bit generic and a bit masculine...

on another note, this made my stomach churn with envy when i saw it on the selby.

damn you karl