my Space//Place book went missing from our end of year show in
the FdA room, and since it was there when I was invigilating on thursday it must have gone on friday or more likely Saturday when
no one was put down to look after the show...

so either it's been misplaced or someone's decided to steal
the product of two months of really hard work. it doesn't even
have my name on it.

what a fucking joke.


But I'm Only 4

Oh poor munro


YCN Student Awards- Fedrigoni Brief

I don't think i put these on here after i finished it, which was just over 2 months ago. Put into practice my interest in materials and processes... although it wouldn't be a bad thing if i didn't screenprint for a while. OH that was a stressful day.

Close Up Etchings

that i made for my outcome 2 wall piece.
I was etching for about 7 hours to get these
4 plates done last week and i'm really
happy with how they came out.

Space is often seen as scientific, whereas place is personal. So collection is based around the idea of ‘Science of Memory’ highlights areas of the brain that deal with memory which I made by etching and relief printing which I liked as the process of printmaking gives an aged quality without being a pastiche.