The Amazing Felix Thorn

I saw this at Gasworks at the end of 2008 and was mesmerised by the complexity of the work. Amazing.


Wee Gee

i physically cannot seem to do work. so i'm looking at beautiful photographs instead. enjoy.



I took this in Barcelona. I find this woman so fascinating mainly because it's a bit of an "is she there or isnt she". She looks so sad; maybe dressing up in leaves everyday does that to a woman. What makes it more magical is that i only saw her that one day. I wonder where she disappeared to...


i found some pictures of foundation work...

...that i took for my portfolio for camberwell last year

and i really really miss just making stuff. Literally doing something craft or textiles based to fit into pretty much every brief. I just want to do something really self indulgent.

It's probably due to the V&A project i'm doing now, staring at textiles on the website and looking though my pictures of THE-MOST-BEAUTIFUL toys at the Museum of Childhood. I want to steal them all.




I scanned loads of photos from various disposable cameras onto my computer earlier, a task best kept for when there's a important deadline looming and my room seems to be tidy enough.

They're from an array of nice places (Paris, Barcelona, Brighton) and reminded me how much I love love love the quality that disposible cameras have. The photos above are from Brighton about a year ago.

I love being plesantly surprised by film cameras and, as i'm hardly the best photographer, the wonders of natural light. I also await the first roll of film from my Diana F+; i'm trying to convince myself not to expect too much, largely due to having the dial set to "pinhole" for most of my, potentially nice, pictures. Dayum.

Had a weirdly traumatic dream last night of a massive butterfly creeping along the ceiling of my bedroom and being completely unable to move or scream. My dad put it in a crate, sang to it and took it outside. Probably an anxiety dream? Of all the phobias in the world...

If they looked like these, made by Christine Brockmann from a variety of paper scraps, i wouldn't mind so much.