I saw Sylvain Chomet's 'The Illusionist' earlier which was so so nice. I particularly liked the ventriloquist with his mini-me dummy, but couldn't find a picture.
I wandered around the Bridget Riley mini exhibition at the National Gallery after, which opened today funnily enough. Any excuse to sit in front of some Hogarth and 'an experiment on a bird in the air pump' for a while. I also discovered Pontormo, whose figures are like little jewels or quality sweet wrappers. Lovely day.



Today we had an 'interactive' workshop with Matt Wade from kin, as the first of 6 specific areas of design. Focusing on screens and the abundance of technology we carry around with us, we had to use them in an unexpected way to explore our new (and tiny) studio in groups of 4. i think that's an accurate description!? Anyhow, one of the images we took has popped up on Kin's flickr so i thought i'd be quick off the mark and put it on here because, you know, it's pretty fancy. OH yes, claim to fame, that IS molly's hand pressing my phone.



i really like

raymond pettibon


and this is me tomorrow

on the verge

This is a pretty accurate description of me today. All work is proving to be impossible. I already feel exhausted, it's only 11 and i still have so much to do. Nervous breakdown before christmas, anyone? I exaggerate...i think. This project cannot end soon enough.


trumpet hands


Tightrope Walker

Continuation of yesterday's screen printing session. This photocopy and the horse headdress were from a book of circus photography but i foolishly didn't make a note of it or the photographer and it was years ago so i don't remember. I have a feeling it was Christian Staub? Who knows.

en tu tre

i know they're not the best examples of screenprinting but i'm haps.

100. [posts old]

Peggy Griffiths, 100, usually eats 30 bars of chocolate a week. She ran a sweet shop in the 1930's but they had to shut after a couple of years because she ate all the profits. What a woman.

Staehle's Revenge

How i only wish i could do something as good as Wilhelm Staehle...