Winter of the Witch

"for the next two weeks, every night she played old music...and every day she would sit in bed reading the newspapers. The old witch became gloomy and depressed; the news was always bad. And none of the want ad's ever seemed to want an old witch"

This weather makes me feel like i'm constantly on the
verge of falling asleep. Work doesn't seem to be going
anywhere at all... so hello magic blueberry pancakes


Some Summer Work

slowly but surely... getting a bit nervous now.


British Railway Posters

I'd love one of these.



I started drawing again

A bit sad that this is the first proper work post
after loads of youtube videos.

I like how the mask looks like the little boy's (a bit?) below.


Wild Beasts

Despite a couple of years of quiet obsession, i seem to have been
physically unable to listen to anything but them this summer.

As someone amusingly wrote on youtube:

"Thats a voice that can and will impregnate you".


The Boy with the Mask

I need to start using my camera again.
Even if the outcome is rubbish
(which is more often than not)

this is good: jwanderson.tumblr.com