The Dot and the Line

It's Perfect.

Brain like a Sieve

Nothings happening. Its awful. I have a crit on friday where we have to show 5 objects/drawings/collages etc. based around the east london line. i've found out some really interesting facts around the area but the thing is that they all have to be based around ONLY ONE of the stations (haggerston, hoxton and dalston junction). All my potentials are spread around east.

I'm looking at artist's work and stuff hoping it'll trigger SOMETHING, but alas no. shit.

And what makes it worse is that this is the stuff that i love doing! Making stuff. Nicey fabric. Pretending im old. i don't want this to be shit, but i dont know what to do.

Probably about time to pour over the Art of Looking Sideways in the hope that something will happen.....

Those little guys are the only thing pulling me through it seems.


V&A Connecting the Collection

Our final work for the V&A promoting the museum to 16-24 year olds. To present to the marketing team on site at the Sackler Centre on the 12th. how exciting! Our idea was connecting the collection and linking objects from the permanent collection using 6' Degrees of Separation'. We did this by using continuous line drawings and connected text, further reinforced by flyers shaped like puzzle pieces. When fitted together the whole link is shown, details of
the objects are on the backs with room numbers and locations to
help guide the viewer around the museum to discover it for themselves.

I worked with the lovely Ferg, Rux and Angeli (who also deserves credits for the pictures).


Clown Coco... so pretty i could weep

Geezer Romeo and Juliet

The first brief set for Design followed on from the summer project, in which we were allocated a character (mine was the 'Geezer') to research and then make a 24 page guide on.

We had to advertise Romeo and Juliet to this character/target audience. Inspired by a line drawing i did of two knuckles covered in various sovereign rings in my research, i settled on using the same bold & simple drawing depicting various themes evident in the play; love, brotherhood, fate, conflict and drew hand positions to convey these.

Deciding that conflict was the more effective visually i settled on using fists portraying violence. I played around with fonts and layering and was plesantly surprised by the physical layering effect of using cartridge paper, two sheets of accetate and coloured paper to show the high/low lights.

i eventually settled on black and white for the final as i thought they were more striking, redoing the 'CAPULET' fist so it was b&w like the 'MONTAGUE' one. the visual language seemed more punchy then. personally, i like how lo-tech and hand made they are as physically doing things myself is how i like it best, although i understand they're not to studio quality which is what we're supposed to aim for. But first project, eh! i like it.

photo quality is shocking, i am aware. i can always update later...

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

My final A1 poster for the second project set at Camberwell.

The brief was to only use typography, strictly no imagery allowed, and one colour to depict 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised' by Gil Scott Heron in an A1 poster (min 25 words) and a double page spread containing the whole poem. I wanted the imagery to be purely greyscale but by a happy accident there were highlights of purple when it went for printing which i thought set it off quite nicely (thankfully).

Insipred by the 'Tower of Babel' concrete poetry, i made jenga sized blocks initially in black outlines. I thought these looked pretty poor though so i filled them in black and put text around the blocks rather than just on the face. They were a beast to position though. Three different sessions because i wasn't happy with the photos. I threw things. And them. That's why they're a bit dented. oh well.


i've misplaced my bloody phone and feel really lost. pathetic. i hate technology. if only paper cups and string were as effective...i would be SET FOR LIFE. fingers crossed its lurking somewhere in the macroom. i only wish this one worked in the meantime.


who knew insoles could be so beautiful?


I Met the Walrus

I saw this a couple of years ago on the culture show and was blown away.
It flows so nicely with the words and images seamlessly working together. there's no wonder that it was nominated for the oscar.

i would die happy if i could do anything remotely like this.

The Epic of Gilgamesh or The Unnameable Little Broom

I saw this on Sky Arts a few days ago and thought it was the best thing i'd seen in ages. I found it really hypnotising. And the organ that swells every so often makes it so chillingly lovely.

The Art of Looking Sideways

I got this lovely gem of a book for christmas and am still only a pitiful 35 pages into it.


I really want to go see this exhibition on at the Huntarian called the Craft of Microscopy. It's a mix of craft and technology with really beautiful photography. And its free!