No Idea

what this is but i like it. Maybe a Russian Wizard of Oz?

(found out! according to a comment on youtube:)
"It's Adventures of Buratino - original story written by A. N. Tolstoi who heard a story about Pinocchio in childhood, but didn't remember every detail and wrote his own story with only names and occupations of the characters saved."


\/ + /\

This was my entry for the image for the V&A website. i really like it and it's really similar to the chintzy cheeriness on i posted a little while ago from my sketchbook. I didn't win but i'm to do an identity for the CreateVoice scheme instead! pressure pressure pressure


Tatsumi Orimoto

Tatsumi Orimoto's art mama series. The photos are so lovely and odd, plus i think she has the friendliest face.



The best animation i've ever seen

I just saw Madame Tutli- Putli on Sky Arts and it's the most eerily beautiful thing. I looked it up and found the 17 minute film took 4 years to make and was a combination of live action and stop motion which explains the uncanny humanity of the characters in the movements, in particular the eyes. Unsurprisingly it was nominated for the oscar (as was another notable animation "I met the Walrus" which was one of my first posts on this blog.)


As i said in one of my older posts, i started a personal sketchbook for proper about a month or so ago. I was pretty avid for the first week doing a double page drawing every day but they were a bit uneconomical time-wise mainly because i spent a long time thinking what to draw. But i felt i really needed to draw and it was nice practice in committing to something and actually doing it.

I did some drawings at the huntarian last wednesday before meeting a friend (avec the decapitated foot) and have since started a project drawing people i like and a quote they said. I'm aware they're all men for now, but i have some lady treats up my sleeve. Just you wait.


Stephen Fry

Wonderful man. Im in the process of drawing him. Just for fun.


Technology. Fail.

I just sent some stuff off to the V&A for an image competition for their website... literally everything that could go wrong did (no internet, broken scanner, mac going mental with the scanner and refusing to work) and i've ended up sending the stuff 40 minutes late and massive sizes.

could i possibly make a worse impression?


Tico Tico

Legends on BBC 4 had an episode on the Andrews Sisters this week (it's still on i-player so WATCH IT). I've liked them from a long long time but had no idea how influential they were, enlightening stuff people. Plus there's this amazing bit at the end where they have a friendly sing-off with The Supremes on The Sammy Davis Jr. Show.

Carl Kleiner's...

...photos are so beautiful. The top few are from his diary, but his main page is equally delightful showcasing pictures like the bottom one. Ethereal and dreamily surreal. Lovely. Plus I really really really want my whole house to be covered in colour co-ordinated bookcases.



Tube or False

Dream campaigns; i saw them yesterday on the tube and think they are the loveliest things. They're like fabric throws, all woven and type and pattern and HERITAGE. The patterns are seat cover designs used on the circle, northern, piccadilly, jubilee and metropolitan lines from the 1039's to present.

No surprises, but they're all true but i guess the slogan tube or false sets up the idea that they seem unbelievable but aren't and that just how exciting and interesting the underground is.

I just need to find out who did it now...

(pictures courtesy of the tfl website)

I wish i was her friend.

I discovered Donna Wilson on my first year of a level and her makings literally made my life and influenced so much of my work, explicitly at first and now subtly inching its way in. I found her when i was doing a project entitled freedom and armed with a matchbox of buttons i could make anything. i decided upon these fabric creatures that were my favourite things for a while, until they were dubbed 'silly little creatures' by a teacher and i got a bit put off. They probably are a bit, but now i don't see that as such a bad thing.

I feel it's mainly the core idea of making and crafting that has developed in my practice for the past 5 or so years. With her work i found that whimsy and charm that imperfections have and embracing that rather than forcing my hand to do something that generic and perfect.


Unrelated but my friend Dulcie told me about the Dum Dum Girls and i've pretty much been listening to them on repeat.



I've been reading John Betjeman a lot recently.



i haven't put any of my own work up for AGES so i thought i'd ease into it again with these scrawls (one of those drawing exercises that i LOVE where you draw continuous line without looking at the page). I am very fond of them, especially the hands... there were more but my mac doesn't like my scanner and keeps going wrong. poppycock! I think i'll start putting scans of my sketchbook on here once it (hopefully) starts working again.