The Gentlewoman

hopefully get my greedy mitts on this pup tomorrow. yes siree


makes me want to sit in a field


McQ + Cliff

One of the day workshops from last term, it was communication and persuasion with Kate Rogers and we had to change the message of an advertisement of some kind. I chose a fashion one for the McQ label (youth.rebellion.outsider.individuality.rockabilly) has a painful price range that is more accessible for (awful) bankers and city boys than the misfit in 'the streets'...unless they're a fashion student. With this in mind i altered the strength of the logo (smaller so it's more boutique-y)and the image- going along with the rockabilly thing but more wrong. McQ boy looks like a young elvis so who better than young cliff?


i feel nauseous

The confusion that accompanies Mercury's retrograde cycle influences everybody. However, the fact that it's your ruling planet means the odds are good you'll be wresting with self doubts. Unwelcome as this seems, what you learn could enable you to free yourself from anxieties you thought you'd just have to live with."

what does this even meeean? Not my week. I'm ill and i can't even enjoy christmas things. Woody knows...


wouldn't say no to

a pair of creepers either. i've been quietly pining over them for AGES now, trying to decide what the best option would be: plain black or white, good and wearable and im particularly liking the leopard toe swatch, but i just really want them in suede. i swear i found some grey suede ones a while back but i can't find them so maybe i made that up, understandable because that would be amazing. i can't help but like the last ones as well, im well up for a bit of beaut bad taste. yes siree. £75 is a bit painful to think about though...

this is a bit weird, i'm not usually one to write about how much i want to buy stuff because im not really into that. maybe it's just that i've been tallying all these really nice things up and they've come to a head now.


i would like a

Makr farm rucksack or a canvas fold weekender

Pushpin Off Sweets

courtesy of Container List http://containerlist.glaserarchives.org/index.php?id=78#body

Lotty Lindeman

gorgeous mixture of traveling suitcase and storage



Horrible horrible horrible day. I don't think i've ever been made to feel so inadequate so i'd like to run away to here.




I saw Sylvain Chomet's 'The Illusionist' earlier which was so so nice. I particularly liked the ventriloquist with his mini-me dummy, but couldn't find a picture.
I wandered around the Bridget Riley mini exhibition at the National Gallery after, which opened today funnily enough. Any excuse to sit in front of some Hogarth and 'an experiment on a bird in the air pump' for a while. I also discovered Pontormo, whose figures are like little jewels or quality sweet wrappers. Lovely day.



Today we had an 'interactive' workshop with Matt Wade from kin, as the first of 6 specific areas of design. Focusing on screens and the abundance of technology we carry around with us, we had to use them in an unexpected way to explore our new (and tiny) studio in groups of 4. i think that's an accurate description!? Anyhow, one of the images we took has popped up on Kin's flickr so i thought i'd be quick off the mark and put it on here because, you know, it's pretty fancy. OH yes, claim to fame, that IS molly's hand pressing my phone.



i really like

raymond pettibon


and this is me tomorrow

on the verge

This is a pretty accurate description of me today. All work is proving to be impossible. I already feel exhausted, it's only 11 and i still have so much to do. Nervous breakdown before christmas, anyone? I exaggerate...i think. This project cannot end soon enough.


trumpet hands


Tightrope Walker

Continuation of yesterday's screen printing session. This photocopy and the horse headdress were from a book of circus photography but i foolishly didn't make a note of it or the photographer and it was years ago so i don't remember. I have a feeling it was Christian Staub? Who knows.

en tu tre

i know they're not the best examples of screenprinting but i'm haps.

100. [posts old]

Peggy Griffiths, 100, usually eats 30 bars of chocolate a week. She ran a sweet shop in the 1930's but they had to shut after a couple of years because she ate all the profits. What a woman.

Staehle's Revenge

How i only wish i could do something as good as Wilhelm Staehle...



What's Your Damage?

They threw my week's worth of printmaking in the bin last year. Bastards. This includes most of the pictures i took in Barcelona.
As it's all I have to show for a wasted week last summer, would i sound smug if i said i thought they were 'Choice'? No? Good. I feel like watching Heathers again...




'If Miss means respectably unmarried, and Mrs respectably married, then Ms means nudge, nudge, wink, wink'




Beardy Man Take 2

I did an etching workshop for the whole of yesterday that was just lovely. And, having taken my sketchbook with me, i recreated my beardy man on a zinc plate and spent the last hour or so printing. It was so lovely learning the whole complicated-but-not-really process of what i though was just scratching into a plate and printing and i made sure i made notes so i can amble in there on a friday and just do it myself next time. My prints are still drying in the etching room so i'll just have to content myself by scanning in the plate covered with my greasy fingerprints.



This little guy was found when i was procrastinating and i happened to pause at the perfect moment. Yes, of course, today was a poor working day. i was constantly distracted by EVERYTHING and wrote maybe 250 words for an entry from July. I tidied up my desk thinking maybe working somewhere other than my bed would result in a better yield of work. This is too difficult. Tomorrow needs to be more productive.

Screen printing got cancelled (?) on friday so fingers crossed for monday, where i may be able to muscle my way into that or etching. Now off to search for some bad tv to make me feel guilty about this really really unproductive day.



It won't let me put each up individually because the files are too big so this awful hasty assemblage will have to do for now.
Diary to do. Evaluation to do... but screen printing tomorrow!
So it's not all bad at all. I also might be helping with blue train/V&A invites and market stuffs. busy busy bee



i got to do letterpress yesterday. So so fun, i was in the room from quarter to 10 to quarter past 4 with no venturing out and hardly any sitting down. A lot of ink on paper i must say. Nothing too difficult, but it was nice doing the same repetitive motion until it felt comfortable and i fully got to grips with the furniture and amount of ink and the hand press. A friendly group of first years surrounded me with expectant faces waiting for me to give them an induction in the afternoon... although it was more likely that it was that i was covered in ink and the only one in the room than me looking like a pro. but i can pretend. Scans to come, and all day screen printing on friday. cue celebratory music:


The Geometry of Pasta

I remember seeing this over the summer but foolishly didn't bookmark it or anything so was pleased as punch when i found it again on the imprint website. WHAT A BEAUT, i wish i could do something as good as that and I'd bloody love to work for them. It's almost a crash course in layout in itself, plus the jacket folds out to form a pasta poster. What's not to love? I can't wait to get my greedy mitts on it...

On another note, i can't wait to start doing some actual work again and posting that stuff. I'm a bit sick of just posting bits i've found. Roll on next week, even if it looks to be full of 7am starts...


Edward Lear

I found the most incredible book yesterday at the Southbank book market (Edward Lear's Nonsense Omnibus) full of gems and gorgeous little drawings but put it back because i thought it's £7.50 price tag was too hefty for my pockets. Really regretting not getting it now. As i knew i would...




I've been doing bits and bobs at the v&a for a few months now, helping out in workshops as well as designing an identity for their youth forum CreateVoice. Nothing that was a huge departure for me though; black outlined and hand rendered type but I had some lovely feedback from it which is encouraging. Now to start designing a postcard pack to woo a supermodel!


My neck's hurting like a billy-oh from all this work...


Ivor Brown

I gots an Ivor Brown book, 'I Give You My Word' for £1 today in Leicester Square. Boom. It's beautiful and full of words like ambuscade, cargozoon, inveigle and potwalloper.

A lovely end to a lovely day wandering around the Tate on the last day of the 'Rude Britannia' exhibition. Altogether an ok show; i was particularly fond of an H.M Bateman print on show (The Lost Stamp) and the satirical drawings of the fashions of the day by Philip Dawe et al. By far the best thing was Mike Nelson's Coral Reef exhibition, a beautiful labyrinth of corridors and rooms with unmarked doors reminded me a bit of being in a ship and left me in a curious discovering mood...


One of those days

that just couldn't end quick enough.
I hate the beginnings.


It's been a pink weekend

Bearded man! This is where the swirly lines really took hold, i liked their effect and wanted to do it on a larger scale which led to the Chekov spreads. I like how he looks like he was aiming for princess leia after a few drinks so the buns have ever so slightly slipped down his head. What a man. I'm really happy with how this came out! A more productive form of procrastination, but procrastination non the less. I realllllllly need to sort my act out and get this v&a stuff done.

Anton Chekov

I'm not too good with colour in my illustrations and have recently found that using coloured typography instead of my standard black outline really lifts the image. This is Chekov quote that stuck a chord with me and i just thought it evoked such rich imagery. I wanted to play around with a different technique than my standard black outline so tried out the waves by filling then with lines of varying thickness to show the different tones.


The picture's a bit faint but thats probably because it's in pencil. I'm in my drawing mood today and above is the beginnings of a sketch of Jemaine Clement as Jared in Eagle vs Shark dressed as an Eagle. I'll fill in the rest then start on Lily as a shark.